Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who Is OnBlast? What Makes OnBlast a Group?

ONbLAST was formed by divine intervention! King Beatz has always been the hott topic in Denver and King Rome has always been the hott topic in Aurora. Azul loco was the best addition to Onblast since ever thing he does is and always will be Onblast!And finally Dj BX puts the cream on the cake with his amazing skills on the 1's & 2's! Ever since they met history has been made and more to come!! Kingz Beatz has been creating masterpieces with music since he was 9 years old. His father was a studio engineer and mother a folk guitarist/singer so music and the creation of it has been around him since birth. Recently signed to a major record label Kingz Beatz strives on perfect imperfections with many different genres to choose from. KB loves to make beats for all but also dabbles in Dub Step, R&B,House,Techno and mainstream Club. friend King Beatz today on Facebook at King Rome is one of the best lyricist on the planet!! With punch-lines that would kill ya whole career King Rome is a force to be reckoned with! King Rome since a very young age knew that he had what it takes to make it as a MC.King Rome has been thru some of the roughest neighbor hoods in Colorado and strives on getting his children into the good schools and colleges thru his artistry! King Rome also signed to a major record label is ready to spit flames on anyone who dares! Friend King Rome today on facebook today at Azul Loco has been reppin both Denver and Aurora since forever! Not only is one of the hottest MC's to ever bless the mic but is also a very savy buisness man! Azul Loco has created his own record label that became a phenomenon Asylom Ward Records was introduced to the scene in 1995 and has not looked back! The mans artistry on the mic is uncomparable to anyone else he needs no pen no pad he just gets on and spits the hottest 16's and 32's the world has ever heard! Azul Loco has been and forever will be Onblast! Friend Azul Loco on facebook today at Dat Colorado Boi - Born and raised in Colorado Springs first known as the Beat Mechanic later knows as Dat Colorado Boi dropped mixtapes in Lakecharles Louisiana and from there mastered his art of producing and creation of beatz. was working solo under Dat Colorado Boi now signed with ONbLAST!!! Check Out All There Music Right Here Click Here Also Become A Fan And Support the Movement Click Here

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Check Out Freightliner Latest Performance

Who Is DJ Iceman? What Makes Him A DJ? Well Find Out Right Here!!

Born In Coney Island Brooklyn In 1973 Robert Anderson (aka Dj Iceman) Took To Music At An Early Age.Started Djing at Age 9 After Getting His Uncles Old DJ Equipment,Hes Been On A Tear Ever Since Performing In New York, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona,Washington, Japan, And Sydney. He Has Worked With The Likes Of Guys, Teddy Riley, Heavy D, Krs One, Ghostface Killah, Dj Roc Raida, Rob Swift And A Host Of others. He is now holding down the spot on 98.2 the beat on mondays with the “Monday Mixdown” radio show and is a featured dj on Virtual Dj Radio

Dj Iceman Was Awarded For: Upstairs Records Digital Dj Of The Year award for 2008,2009 and 2010, the Soul Controllers Controllerist Of The Year for 2012,  25360 award for dj of the year for 2010 and 2011.

DJ ICEMAN is also a member of some of the biggest DJ coalitions in the country,including the World Wide Fleet Djs, the Nerve Djs, Regulator Djs, Coast2Coast Mixtape Djs, and the Wu-Coalition Djs.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Who Is Jon Avarice? Well Find Out From This Article.

Born on the South Side of Chicago, Jon Avarice began performing and creating music as early as age 3. After years of writing lyrics down, starting at age 8, he began recording in 2008 with fellow artists Chris Stylez and Kandace Nichol. It was with these two, along with fellow friends and local artists that he honed his skills in recording. In 2009 he began recording with local producer Traksurg who would guide and help record some of Avarice's early material. After forming a short lived group named "The Aristocratic Assassins", Avarice's subject matter took a turn into a more conscious direction after witnessing the state of music and the loss of several friends in his neighborhood. He recorded a mixtape entitled "Kerosene" in 2010 that was featured on for a short time.In 2012 Avarice began adopting a style he describes as "Fire-proof" describing it as a state of freely creating music as he feels it, not altering it strictly for commercial and monetary purposes, he describes his style of music as "witty, funny and conscious" all in one. He states that his ,music reflex his real life and emotions as well as those whom he relates to, Avarice was most recently featured performing the Intro to WVON's now defunct "Talk it out with Maze and Monique show!" He has also recorded several new recordings including "Mary go round, Ichabod Crane and Grabbed by the ghoulies."As of now he has been working with up and coming Hip Hop producer Gotti Meers and Legendary Chicago Dj Brotha Feel, who has worked with numerous Hip Hop acts most notable GangStar and Chicago's own L.E.P (Low End Pros) and is currently working on another mixtape and potentially an album. For any inquiries contact JoN Avarice at, or AVARICE Or call 1(773)-431-7336

Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Fight, Police Arrive On The Scene

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Rick Ross Confirmed As Driver In Drive-By Shooting Incident, Passenger Identified

Following this morning's reports of Rick Ross targeted in a drive-by shooting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, some additional details have now been confirmed. According to, police have announced that Rick Ross was indeed driving the Rolls Royce Phantom at the time of the shooting and subsequent accident. The star rapper's passenger was Shateria L. Moragne-el, a female companion. Authorities added that neither Ross nor Moragne-el suffered any injuries. The suspects in the shooting are said to have fled the scene following the collision. Further information has revealed that the Maybach Music Group founder was traveling from his birthday party at Miami's LIV Nightclub. Diddy was among the guests at the celebration. According to Wikipedia, today (January 28) is the rapper's 37th birthday.