Sunday, March 17, 2013

Torch - Tax Season hosted by Trap-A-Holics & DJ Instynctz

DJ Jay Mob Gives Full Interview With Hypnatist Beats

Hypnatist Beats

Producer interview with Hypnotist Beats: A producer of out of British Columbia, Canada.
Jaymob: What makes you produces music?
Hypnotist Beats: Since I was a 1 maybe even younger. I have always loved and been fascinated with music. Its been my truest passion ever since I was extremely young. Even if the game is hard and stressful sometimes. I can never leave music. It is one of my only true passions.
Jaymob: Are you making a living off of this?
Hypnotist Beats: No. not yet . But I am determined I will be in the near future. A lot of artists with names (especially in underground hip hop) think you should work for little or free. I have been on many albums but a lot of these cats don't pay for productions or give out royalties. I was quite young and naive when most these albums dropped, but I am older and I have better knowledge of how the game works. I am going to be working with more mainstream artists now opposed to underground so I am determined that I will make a good living off this music shit very soon. I am also producing a few full-albums for a few artists this year which will help bring up the cashflow.
Jaymob: Do you enjoy DJing?
Hypnotist Beats: I am learning to dj but my heart is much more into making my own music. Something new and fresh that you created. I find that much more enjoyable then playing someone elses songs
Jaymob: Have you participated in any beat battles?
Hypnotist Beats: I have only done one beat battle showcase but it was alot of fun and I had a great time and I would definitely do it again!
Jaymob: How do you feel about producers using various pc programs?
Hypnotist Beats: I have no problem with them. I think its a curse and a blessing. A blessing I could learn to make music in my own home without spending thousands on gear. A curse cause the game is so over saturated right now and too many people are trying to make a quick buck selling exclusive beats for $50 and leases for $5 or even 99 cents. I am blessed that I was able to download programs and get right to working on music because in the 70's you had to be rich or have a good connection to even get anything you needed to record and alot of good music probably never got created cause of that. Now all you need is a mic a laptop and your good to go!
Jaymob: Who are some of our favorite producers?
Hypnotist Beats: My favorite producers ... hmmm this is a hard question. I got alot of favorite producers. I respect all the classics and am influenced quite a bit by them but right now i'm really feeling justice league and dj khalil for the BoomBap tracks and I think jahlil beats is one of the better trap producers out right now!