Sunday, November 25, 2012

Who Is Gotti Meers?

"The Phenomenal" Gotti Meers is a CHICAGO native. Noted for his supreme wisdom implemented through his lyrics, Meers has set the tone and raised the bar for all unsigned artist; especially those of the midwest. His subject matter and unique flow separates him from most main-stream AND underground artist; as he takes a more lyrical, intellectual, and militant approach than most artist are capable o f. Meers is also recognized for his skills with production. Within recent events, Meers has had the liberty of producing songs for several artist while balancing his production with his composition of lyrics and co-production with other underground producers. Moreover, Gotti Meers has solidified that he is among the elite lyricist, producers, and all other musicians; thus adopting the nickname "Phenomenal"

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  1. You should write me a introduction like this..the phenomenal AJ... Bla, Bla Bla

    1. Send info to and we will review it with further notice. Thanks for checking the site. We support underground Hip Hop.