Friday, December 14, 2012

Who Is Tony Tonnero?

Anthony Onowhawo Eroh, better known as Tony Tonnero was born in Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria in the 80's. Tonnero is a singer-songwriter with an in build rap skills and ready to bring his music around the world. Music is universal he said. To create a beat he finds his inspiration in little things like sounds he is hearing at the beach or in the streets. Then he starts recording on his phone and before you know it a new beat is born. He wrote his first song in 2006 with the title 'together'. It was never released.The best inspiration and motivation for the lyrics is his family and society. He wants his family to have everything in life.
His example in life is his mother. He has great respect for her as a mother of ten children. She gave them the right skills in life to stand strong in this world. At home they listened to a lot of African music, native, old school, western music, R Kelly, Celine Dion and Boys 2 Men. When I ask him if he has this singing-writing skills from his parents he starts laughing and said: No, God gave me that talent.
Tonnero loves to sing about peace and love at the moment and things that happen in his life. So it will change every now and then. The future will be different from what he is doing now.
At the moment Tonnero is working on his first album and also the songs Hustle Hard and Can't get enough will be on this album. Tonnero is in a relationship and they have a 4 year old son. Besides being a great family they also work together in their foundation and support each other in their careers.
Last but not least, Tonnero is a very caring and interesting person to be with. He is a down to earth person and does not like arguments.
As a message to his fans and young artists he said: hustle hard and believe in what you are doing. Believe and you will achieve.

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